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Lily Steps Out Cover

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Lily Steps Out

by Rita Plush
Women's Fiction / Contemporary / Humor / Jewish

Every middle-aged married woman's nightmare ... every empty-nest homemaker's dream.

Published: 2012-05-20 May
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Empty nest and retired husband ... after thirty years of cooking and cleaning, Lily Gold wants more out of life, something she can do just for her. A job seems like a great idea, but re-entering the work force is harder than she thinks. Just when she finds the perfect situation in an antique store, with the opportunity to start her own business, husband Leon decides he doesn't like not having her at his beck and call and pulls the plug on the finances. HIS needs - what about HERS? Lily's had enough! But how far will she go to assert her independence and prove she has what it takes to be her own person? Does doing what you love mean you have to leave behind those you love? Lily's about to find out...

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Rating: Some sexual references.