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Book 2: Reenlistment Cover

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Series: America's Galactic Foreign Legion
Book 2: Reenlistment
(Book 2 in Series)

by Walter Knight
Science-Fiction / Action / Military / Humor-Political

A sci-fi military humor novel, second in an ongoing series.

Published: 2010-04-23 April
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The saga of compulsive gambler turned legionnaire continues as Joey Czerinski's string of profitable casinos fall victim to continued spider insurgency. Suddenly destitute, Czerinski and his business partner Manny Lopez accept an emergency loan from their old friend, the shady Galactic Foreign Legion ATM. Reenlisted in America's Galactic Foreign Legion amid continuing guerilla warfare and cultural contamination involving the spider-like alien species on planet New Colorado, Czerinski and his Foreign Legion pals struggle through more serendipitous surprises in the next installment of this politically incorrect military space opera.

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Rating: Mild sexual references and language. Some graphic descriptions and violence.