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Torreón's Fire Cover

Available Now
Torreón's Fire

by Robert L. Tecklenburg
Thriller / Suspense/Thriller / Spy Undercover / Terrorist Espionage

America's security is in jeopardy, and Gina Lopez goes to her homeland Nicaragua on assignment to provide intel for the US embassy, working under former CIA Agent Roberto Morales. She's really on a secret undercover assignment but can't tell anyone, especially not Morales. When the embassy is bombed by militant group Heroes Brigade, Gina discovers Morales has brought in an old Army buddy, Jake Turner, to help out. Morales sends Gina and Jake to the jungle for intel while escorting an American reporter investigating the possible link between Heroes Brigade and the separatist group God's Children led by fiery former priest Joaquín Torreón, brother to infamous international arms dealer Jesús Torreón. With bullets flying and everyone seemingly out to get her, Gina's on a race to find out the truth before a bullet with her name on it finds her.

Published: May 2015
PriceFormatLengthBook ID
11.99 US Trade Paperback
234 pages EAN13
2.99 Ebook
73640 words EAN13
Ebook file supplied through website. A coupon code for free download will be emailed to you when purchase is completed.

America's security is at risk, and Gina Lopez returns to her homeland, Nicaragua, to work for former CIA Agent Roberto Morales, providing security intel for the US Embassy in Managua. But she can’t tell anyone about her true undercover assignment, especially not her boss Morales. When the embassy is bombed, Gina is saved by a blond American she later learns is a former army buddy hired by Morales to provide additional intel support. At first reluctant to work with Jake Turner, Gina soon warms up to him. Responsibility for the embassy tragedy is claimed by the miltant group Heroes Brigade. American reporter Rocky Brannon is in Nicaragua to investigate the possible connection between the Heroes Brigade and separatist group, God's Children, hidden deep in the jungle. Morales sends Gina and Jake to the jungle to gather intel on the terrorists while escorting Brannon to interview God’s Children leader, former priest Joaquín Torreón, who claims the group is peaceful despite the fact that his notorious brother Jesús, also known as Dark Angel, is an arms dealer wanted by Interpol. When Gina and Jake are attacked, Gina realizes someone is out to get her, and her undercover assignment is in jeopardy. A missing nuke, a high-powered US vigilante group known as Excalibur, the longtime feud between the two Torreón brothers, and a shady connection between Morales and the arms dealer, all make for a fiery situation that catches Gina right in the middle. Dodging betrayal and death, she isn't sure whom she can trust as she struggles to stay alive and uncover the truth.

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Rating: Violence and some sexual content.