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Mission to Indochina Cover

Available Now
Mission to Indochina

by Robert L. Tecklenburg
Mystery / Suspense / Military/Spy Thriller / Historical

After the World War II Japanese surrender, Charlie Stanek is sent to Saigon on a seeming wild-goose-chase to investigate the death of an officer carrying thousands of dollars of diamonds. But there's more to this assignment than meets the eye, and Charlie wonders if he'll get back home alive...

Published: September 2013
PriceFormatLengthBook ID
9.99 US Trade Paperback
256 pages EAN13
2.99 Ebook
76340 words EAN13
Ebook file supplied through website. A coupon code for free download will be emailed to you when purchase is completed.

World War II is officially over, and all Captain Charlie Stanek wants to do is return to civilian life. But General Donovan, head of the OSS, has plans for Charlie that include travel to the Far East in strife-ridden French Indochina. Charlie's sent to Saigon to investigate the death of a lieutenant colonel holding thousands of dollars of diamonds. But as Charlie digs for the truth, he realizes this assignment involves more than the death of one officer. A Japanese police officer and a beautiful, mysterious Vietnamese nationalist help him in his investigation - until he's kidnapped and spirited away to a prison 800 miles north in Hanoi. Then an old comrade from the war comes to his rescue - or so it seems. Charlie just wants to finish this last assignment and go home, but there are bigger issues at stake, as he gradually finds out. If others have their way, he may never make it back to the States alive.

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Rating: Violence and some sexual content.