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Book 21: Breaking Very Bad Cover

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Series: America's Galactic Foreign Legion
Book 21: Breaking Very Bad
(Book 21 in Series)

by Walter Knight
Science-Fiction / Action / Military / Humor-Political

A sci-fi military humor novel, twenty-first in the series.

Published: 2015-03-12 March
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Colonel Joey R. Czerinski gets in more hot water when Major Manny Lopez and his CIA buddies decide to step up the war on drugs on planet New Colorado. Lopez uses the time machine to recruit two grade-A cookers from the past to concoct a very special blend of blue powder in the old Diablo Beer brewery. A 'silent partner' who shall remain unnamed gets in on the action, and all hell breaks loose when the Grim Reaper is sent in as a heavy to enforce the deal. Things really heat up when General Daly decides to end the conflict with the spiders once and for all, and Czerinski finds himself on the lamb in the past - as campaign manager for General Patton running for President against ... JFK! And the laughs keep rolling with the punches.

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Rating: Sexual references and language. Some graphic descriptions and violence.