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Book 16: Galactic Disney Cover

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Series: America's Galactic Foreign Legion
Book 16: Galactic Disney
(Book 16 in Series)

by Walter Knight and James Boedeker
Science-Fiction / Action / Military / Humor-Political

A sci-fi military humor novel, sixteenth in the series.

Published: 2012-10-05 October
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As construction of the new Galactic Disney theme park nears completion in New Colorado’s New Gobi Desert, suspicion escalates between humans and spiders. Opening day turns into a battle free-for-all, destroying the ‘Escape from Spider Mountain’ ride. The Legion’s goal is to keep the peace – but it's a relative concept. A former legionnaire baseball star returns for an exhibition game, upsetting Colonel Joey Czerinski’s plan to hedge his bet. Joey Junior, a chip off the old Czerinski block, joins the Legion, while Mom goes back to her terrorist ways. Meanwhile, Private Telk and his infamous 396 steps to sexual bliss add a whole new dimension to the term ‘psychosis’ as the way-out wackiness continues.

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Rating: Sexual references and language. Some graphic descriptions and violence.