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Book 14: Embassy War Cover

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Series: America's Galactic Foreign Legion
Book 14: Embassy War
(Book 14 in Series)

by Walter Knight
Science-Fiction / Action / Military / Humor-Political

A sci-fi military spoof novel, fourteenth in the series.

Published: 2011-12-05 December
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The Butcher of New Colorado returns to the spotlight, assigned to protect the lavish new USGF Embassy while acting as a spy for General Lopez and the CIA on the spiders' home world of Arthropoda. Amid riots and sports betting on exhibition basketball games, Czerinski finds trouble has followed him across the galaxy. An old foe makes a surprise visit and wrecks his office. A war ensues over turkey dinner, leaving the scorpion embassy in shambles. Following that debacle, Czerinski and crew get a plum assignment back on New Colorado, guarding a volcano in desert-isle Quenaudenville as he tries to figure out what no-good mischief the spiders are up to now. And just when things couldn't be worse, his terrorist ex-girlfriend shows up with their delinquent son, Joey Jr. This time the loony legionnaires go off the reservation with a game-changing detour!

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Rating: Mild sexual references and language. Some graphic descriptions and violence.