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Book 9: Scorpions Cover

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Series: America's Galactic Foreign Legion
Book 9: Scorpions
(Book 9 in Series)

by Walter Knight
Science-Fiction / Action / Military / Humor-Political

A sci-fi military humor novel, ninth in an ongoing series.

Published: 2011-05-15 May
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The Scorpion Queen takes a special diplomatic tour of planet New Colorado, with a secret recipe - er, plan - in mind for the surviving Mantidae. All she has to do is find them. Amid a buffalo drive, Czerinski falls victim to a mysterious illness with a nasty green rash that threatens his life. The Mantid matriarch makes a final bid for vengeance against the scorpions for decimating her race. And, in a strange turn of events, Czerinski gets a new CO as the laughs and absurdity continue in this ninth installment of the seriously screwy science fiction space saga.

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Rating: Mild sexual references and language. Some graphic descriptions and violence.