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Penumbra Publishing is PERMANENTLY CLOSED for submissions effective January 2016.

Since January 2009 we have enjoyed helping new authors get their books published and have amassed a large catalog of available books. Due to staffing and other issues, we've made the difficult decision to cease active publishing. Our website will persist for our authors, but all books featured on our website are for information/promotion purposes only and can be purchased online at various retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, and various other distributors. The beauty of online distribution is that a book will never be out of 'print' as long as the author wants to make it available. Some titles may also be available in paperbook, and can be purchased online.

We value our authors and encourage readers to enjoy their books as they continue writing and sharing their work. Visit our website often to see new books and find out more about the authors. It has been a pleasure providing publishing services for the past seven years, and we hope to enjoy reading new work from our authors for many years to come.