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Check out these featured titles:

Torreon's Fire coverNEW RELEASE - Fiery terrorist-spy thriller set in sultry Nicaragua

TORREÓN’S FIRE by Robert L. Tecklenburg

America's security is in jeopardy, and Gina Lopez goes to her homeland Nicaragua on assignment to provide intel for the US embassy, working under former CIA Agent Roberto Morales. She's really on a secret undercover assignment but can't tell anyone, especially not Morales. When the embassy is bombed by militant group Heroes Brigade, Gina discovers Morales has brought in an old Army buddy, Jake Turner, to help out. Morales sends Gina and Jake to the jungle for intel while escorting an American reporter investigating the possible link between Heroes Brigade and the separatist group God's Children led by fiery former priest Joaquín Torreón, brother to infamous international arms dealer Jesús Torreón. With bullets flying and everyone seemingly out to get her, Gina's on a race to find out the truth before a bullet with her name on it finds her.

Don't miss other books by R.L. Tecklenburg!

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...



AGFL21 coverNEW RELEASE - Ridiculous spoof pays homage to the popular TV series 'Breaking Bad'!


Colonel Joey R. Czerinski gets in more hot water when Major Manny Lopez and his CIA buddies decide to step up the war on drugs on planet New Colorado. Lopez uses the time machine to recruit two grade-A cookers from the past to concoct a very special blend of blue powder in the old Diablo Beer brewery. A 'silent partner' who shall remain unnamed gets in on the action, and all hell breaks loose when the Grim Reaper is sent in as a heavy to enforce the deal. Things really heat up when General Daly decides to end the conflict with the spiders once and for all, and Czerinski finds himself on the lamb in the past - as campaign manager for General Patton running for President against ... JFK! And the laughs keep rolling with the punches.

Make sure to catch all the earlier books in this hilarious sci-fi series!

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McKenzie 3 Obliteration coverNEW RELEASE - Third in this exciting sci-fi series!


Silencers Colin, Kelly, and Diane still faithfully serve the United Protectorate on Maseklos Prime, but the war with the Brelac is not going well. With an advanced warp-drive ship, they're sent to find other human colonies willing to help, but instead discover the most powerful adversary yet. Humanity faces total obliteration, and even with their unique gifts, they may be powerless to stop it.

Book 4 in the series coming soon!

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Valkyries Book 1 coverNOW AVAILABLE - First in the mythological historical series!


Brynhild, a young girl of the tribe of the Angles, fated to die in the Spring Thaw ritual, skirts death, only to be marked as warriormaiden to ride with Odin. Suffering the trials and tribulations of that harsh life, can she, a female, claim glory and freedom only at the expense of denying her womanhood, or will she embrace what she's always denied - the Vanir of Earth and the Wheel of Life?

Book 2 in the series coming soon!

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Hard Way coverNOW AVAILABLE - A tale of hardship and loss that shapes a man's life.

THE HARD WAY by James Boedeker

With a drunken abusive father and a hapless lazy mother, Jonah grew up dirt-poor in the Wyoming wilderness as part of the white-trash Childress clan. He learned life’s lessons the hard way, vowing to save his little sister Gail from their hell on earth. Along came Kevin O’Malley, a Congressional Medal of Honor soldier, impressed with Jonah and wanting to rescue both children. But at what price?

If you haven't read them yet, check out the three books in the exciting series DEATH SPIRAL!

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Mission to Indochina coverNOW AVAILABLE - Post-World-War-II historical intrigue!

MISSION TO INDOCHINA by Robert Tecklenburg

Captain Charlie Stanek's looking forward to leaving the military and returning to civilian life, but General Donovan of the OSS has other plans. Charlie ends up going to Saigon to investigate the death of an officer holding thousands of dollars worth of uncut diamonds. But the assignment isn't that simple, as Charlie quickly finds out when a Japanese police officer and a beautiful Vietnamese nationalist come to his aid in the investigation. For Charlie, it's hard to know who to trust when it looks like getting back home alive is going to be a lot more difficult than he ever imagined.

Check out Robert Tecklenburg's other historical suspense, COLD WAR - MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND, and the new spy thriller, TORREÓN’S FIRE!

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The Vase coverAVAILABLE NOW - Paranormal suspense in the Middle East!

THE VASE by Mark DeRobertis

A freak heat wave in Nazareth sets off a series of bizarre events - and at the center of it all is a lone ancient vase. A Lebanese restaurant owner hires a Hollywood ghost hunter to rid his establishment of apparitions that appear outside, while a humble Palestinian potter sells his wares across the street, unaware terrorists are secretly meeting in his shop, trying to recruit his second son in a high-level assassination plot after his oldest son was lured into participating in an attack that killed him and many school children. Meanwhile, a Jewish college art professor seeks revenge for the death of his son in the terrorist attack and targets the potter's shop. The world is agog as news spreads about the amazing apparitions. Political intrigue, lies, and betrayal end in murder, and those left behind seek retribution in their own way. Will another ghostly appearance stop the violence, or will everything spin out of control while the potter spins the vase on his wheel?

A suspenseful and uplifting story!

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AGFL20 coverAVAILABLE NOW - Time-travel snafus abound, and even God gets involved!


Colonel Joey R. Czerinski and Major (or is it General?) Manny Lopez 'guard' the time machine recovered from a defunct alien species. But time paradoxes are afoot as time and again Czerinski encounters Lopez's evil time twin intent on changing the future by meddling with the past. And while Czerinski's overseeing the ratings-rich use of the time machine to observe historical events via drones sent back in time for ‘live’ broadcasts, things go awry, stopping the crucifixion of Christ and bringing Jesus to the future. All hell's gonna break loose when God finds out about that screw-up. But whatever happens, the laughs keep coming...

Make sure to catch all the earlier books in this hilarious sci-fi series!

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Angel Moon cover

AVAILABLE NOW - The surprising sequel to BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT!


Kirsten Tyler's father and brother were brutally murdered – drained of blood – when she was just a little girl. The angels came to comfort her and watch over her, but then suddenly left. She's spent the last ten years trying to find them. Answers she sought about the past threaten to wreck her future when people close to her start turning up murdered – again....

If you haven't read BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT yet, read it now, and then enjoy this sequel. Be sure to check out HOLDING ONTO THE DAY!

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...




Bud the Crud coverAVAILABLE NOW - Young-adult horror comedy from the author of BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT!


Vampires and werewolves and ... puberty? It’s all here. My name is Buddy, and this story is all about me and my sister. There’s vampires and werewolves and bullies and even love, if you’re into that kind of thing. No one curses in this book – not even the werewolves. Looking back, some of it was pretty scary, but it all ends happily. No one dies, and everything goes back to normal – sort of.

Check out Jamie's other books for more vampire tales!

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Zombie Missouri coverAVAILABLE NOW - The zombies just keep coming!

ZOMBIE MISSOURI by Walter Knight

Lenny Dreckle's a teenage loser looking for love in all the wrong places. When a zombie apocalypse turns ninety percent of the world's population into flesh-eating walking dead, Lenny teams with other survivors and goes on a roundabout mission to find the cause and save the world from being overrun by zombies - one town at a time. Now if only he can stay away from the lovely zombie Andrea...

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...




Battle for Blood coverAVAILABLE NOW - Death in space isn't funny ... unless there are zombie pirates and vampire raiders involved!

BATTLE FOR BLOOD - THE BLOOD FEUD by Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles

Zombie Pirates and Vampire Raiders, banished long ago from Earth, roam space in search of vessels to plunder. In a raid each group captures a human who provides intriguing information that leads them to believe a remote peaceful planet harbors humanoids whose blood would yield powerful properties if harvested within the solar system of Earth. The Athenein people, living in ignorant bliss, are totally unaware of this untruth told by the captive in an attempt to save his own life, and an invasion of Athenein ensues. The zombies just want more hair to smoke, and to thwart their mortal enemies, the vampires. An ambitious vampire captain wants only the respect and love he craves. The Athenein people are caught in the middle of this muddled struggle, and only one man has the foresight to plan a defense as casualties mount - but will his efforts be too little too late to save his people?

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...




Status Quo coverAVAILABLE NOW - Suspicion and danger abound when an inexperienced crew is chosen at the last-minute to travel into space through an alien wormhole!

STATUS QUO by Mark Rosendorf

College student Alex Copeland, assisting a prominent astronomer in a top-secret research project to study an alien wormhole in space, was chosen to accompany Dr. Maxwell and his daughter Sara as part of the small civilian crew set to travel through the wormhole. Seven years after the government abruptly canceled the expedition, junior high school science teacher Alex is suspicious when cantankerous project director Colonel Reynolds reappears in his life to inform him the project's back on, and he's been chosen as a crewmember of space shuttle STATUS QUO. None of the other crewmembers have any more training or experience than he does. Sara's spent the last seven years in a mental institution. The pilot's a teenage boy whose only flight experience is on a game simulator, and his supposedly psychic mother is along for the ride. The ship's doctor is incompetent, and the crew's rounded out by a convicted murderer, a teenage girl on the brink of suicide - and Alex's cat! Trapped with the others in space, Alex tries to deal with non-communative aliens and the psychotic colonel determined that none of them will return to Earth - ever. STATUS QUO and all aboard appear doomed, but Max the cat seems to have the answers ... if only he could talk!

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...



Colors cover

AVAILABLE NOW - Paranormal intrigue!

COLORS by David Berardelli

After trying to help the victim of a hit-and-run, a young woman finds herself seeing odd colors around people when they're charged with emotion. As she probes deeper into the hit-and-run murder to help bring justice to the old woman and find out more about her strange new visionary power, a DEA cop comes to her rescue. She soon realizes someone very powerful wants to keep her quiet ... permanently. Can her gift keep her and those around her safe, or is she destined to end up dead like the old woman she tried to help?

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...





A Moon Called Sun coverAVAILABLE NOW - Science fiction time travel ... with no paradoxes!

A MOON CALLED SUN by Christopher F. Cobb

Human history is plagued by unexplained disappearances blamed on the Bermuda Triangle, spontaneous combustion, and alien abductions. Turns out, it's true ... sort of. And it's not just happening on Earth, either. One man and his dog are destined to put a stop to it - if they can survive their own alien abduction gone wrong. Miffled nooblies abound when the truth is parsed, and Parker Posey better watch out, 'cause Trace is on the case! Now, if only he can figure out what the heck is going on...

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...





Last Flight Home coverAVAILABLE NOW - Personal drama takes new heights in the sky!

LAST FLIGHT HOME by Robert J. Wetherall

A young girl's love of flight transforms her into a powerful woman as she rises to the top of the male-dominated airline industry. Love always seems just out of her grasp, but her last flight home may give her a final chance at happiness. Emotional and satisfying read with breathtaking flight sequences and gripping personal intrigue.

Click on cover image to find out more about this title...

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Flight to Nowhere cover

AVAILABLE NOW - Suspense/thriller on the high seas, with some Cuban salsa on the side!

FLIGHT TO NOWHERE by Blas E. Padrino

It's hot in Miami, and a hurricane's brewing. Storm-chaser Felix Robles takes sexy newscaster Terry Toledo up into the eye of the storm for a news spot featuring the storm-chaser crew and their plane. When they return, there's more brewing than just a storm and Felix's mutual attraction to Terry. When news leaks out about a suspicious plane wreck spotted in the pictures taken on the storm-chaser run, Felix and Terry suddenly find themselves targeted by somebody who'll stop at nothing - even kidnapping and murder - to keep the truth about the wreck a secret forever.

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Jimmy Stu Lives! coverAVAILABLE NOW - Science fiction futuristic tale of adventure and political intrigue!

JIMMY STU LIVES! by Kent McDaniel

Jimmy Stu Sloan has lost his faith. He's a pastor facing old age and eventual death, trying to hold things together for the sake of his burgeoning congregation, the Church of the Living Lord. Inspiration strikes on Easter Sunday morning, just as he's about to give his televised sermon. And, instead of speaking only of the resurrection of Christ, he makes a bid for his own resurrection in the future, vowing to move forward with plans for cryogenic preservation of his body. But when he awakens in the future, he discovers not everyone's happy to see him back from the dead. Will he live long enough to find out why?

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Alterations coverAVAILABLE NOW - Collection of emotionally moving short stories!


Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. Sometimes you wish for something, and when you get it, you realize it's not at all what you wanted. Life is like that, as these poignant stories from Rita Plush deftly demonstrate. This is a collection you won't want to miss!

Also, don't miss Rita's LILY STEPS OUT - here's what others have said about it...

"Endearing, funny, suspenseful, and heart-rending. Lily Gold's story is every middle-aged married woman's story, every empty-nest homemaker's life. You go, girl! I absolutely loved this book!" - advance-reader and author Willa Kaye Danes.

"Charming and carefully observed, LILY STEPS OUT is a First Wives Club for the new millennium. LILY will win your heart as she 'comes of age.' A great read!" - Kevin Misher, producer of Public Enemies.

"...engagingly written. The voice is shrewd, sharp, funny, and yet tender." - Joyce Carol Oates.

Don't miss the next novel by this engaging author, coming soon!

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Fatal Innocence coverAVAILABLE NOW - Suspense/thriller 'revenge of the stalker'!

FATAL INNOCENCE by David Berardelli

Suspense thriller - When Private Eye Adam Brooks is hired to follow software magnate Richard Warden and make sure he stays out of trouble, bad things start happening to the man and his corporate empire. Brooks soon realizes the mysterious beautiful woman Warden's seeing may be more trouble than she's worth - but Warden can't seem to leave her alone!

A supsenseful mystery full of danger, allure, and murder!

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